Uniquely Designed

 Individualized Care:  Dr. Sara’s unique blend of training, skill and compassion sets her apart from other pediatric and general dentists. Your child will never be shuffled from doctor to doctor, which adds a level of comfort and security every time your child goes to the dentist.

• Specialty Practice: We specialize and limit our practice to treating the child from infancy to adolescence, and happily provide care tospecial needs kids.

• Kid Friendly Environment: No detail has been overlooked in the design of our office to ensure your child has a comfortable, pleasant and fun experience!

• Cutting-Edge Technology:  We constantly strive for the best results for our patients, which also means we are dedicated to toemploying the latest technology in dentistry, for example, lower levels of radiation for necessary x-rays and the safest, most reliable restorative (filling) materials.

• Personal Touch: Dr. Sara makes herself personally available to discuss any questions, comments or suggestions pertaining to your child.  Please come, visit and see for yourself why we have such an expanded family of patients.

• Talented Staff- We take pride in our professional and courteous staff.  Our staff members have multiple certifications and continue to improve and update their many skills through continuing education throughout the year.  The staff is hand selected and trained by Dr.  Sara to comply with a caring philosophy of the practice.

• Smiles: We help create a healthy, beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime.  We also strive to make sure our patients feel comfortable, safe, and always feel like smiling when they come to and leave our office