Our Services

Dr. Sara is a specialist in pediatric dentistry and the staff is hand selected to provide the best full range of pediatric dental care.  Our office strives through continuing education to remain current or ahead of the curve, in providing the best pediatric dental care available.  We offer a full scope of pediatric dental services, a short list is provided with brief description.  Please feel free to contact us for any further information.

Comprehensive Oral Evaluation

A comprehensive dental examination and health history is preformed at each visit. We are in constant communication with the appropriate health care professionals and other dental specialists as needed.  It is our goal to coordinate treatment that suits the individual child.

Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleanings or Prophylaxis (“prophy”) is an essential component of preventive dentistry.  The goal is to remove microbial plaque which can cause gingivitis (gum inflammation), and cavities. Only our professional staff can determine how frequently this must be done.  Some patients accumulate tartar faster than others.  

Polishing helps remove stains and prevent further stains from accumulating.  

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride has been proved to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities.  Dr. Babich will review fluoride requirements for each individual patient and custom design appropriate recommendations depending on age, diet, rate of cavities, and local fluoride policies.  

Oral Hygiene Instructions 

At the time of the cleaning, our professional staff will also instruct our child patient in proper brushing, flossing based on their individual needs, skill and coordination level.  For example,  patients in orthodontic appliances require a unique oral hygiene skill set.


Dental x-rays are a very important diagnostic tool to help detect and treat dental lesions and diagnose and treat other oral pathologies.  Please know, however, that our office adheres to the concept of “image gently”.  This means, we use state of the art digital dental x-ray equipment which uses the lowest radiation possible and we only take x-rays when necessary.  You can therefore be assured if we need to take an x-ray, it is absolutely recommended and safe for your child.


Molar teeth have natural grooves and crevices called “pits and fissures”.  Adult teeth may have worn over time, but, in children the grooves and crevices are particularly deep and well defined.  Frequently, the bacteria find their way into these pits and fissures and that is where cavities begin.  Our office preforms a procedure called sealants, where we clean the tooth, and them cover and protect the pits and fissures from forming a cavity.  This procedure has been proven to be extremely efficient by denying the bacteria the necessary nutrients to thrive.  


When a tooth has a cavity or fracture, it should be restored to its original form, function, and beauty.  When damage is minimal, small cosmetic  “fillings” can solve the problem.  When the defect is more challenging, other restorations such as crowns may be necessary.  Early detection and early treatment is preferable and the dental care less extensive.  


Staying healthy often includes being active.  Many of our young student athletes participate in sports that have some risk of sustaining trauma to their mouth and teeth.  It is important to utilize a properly fitted mouthguard to minimize the risk of permanent dental injury.  Dr. Sara will fabricate sports specific custom made mouth guards that is perfectly molded to the patients individual mouth shape.